Our Mission

self-expression through style

At Coeva Vintage, we're on a mission to celebrate the art of self-expression through unique and vintage fashion, and style.

Our passion lies in curating a unique collection of vintage clothing that transcends trends. We believe that your style is as unique as you are, and what better way to express it than through a vintage piece! 


Coeva Vintage represents a passion for a
more sustainable clothing life cycle. 

Our commitment to the planet and your individuality
shines through every aspect of our business.
  Each time you purchase and wear a vintage or preloved item, you make a positive impact on our planet!

3 reasons to choose vintage

It's unique, one of a kind, or hard to find so
it's unlikely to meet someone wearing the same outfit! 
If you love an item, bring it home before someone else does! 

Vintage clothing is often constructed with higher quality materials and finishing.

Vintage and preloved is much kinder to our planet than fast fashion. 
By choosing to buy, wear, and care for vintage, you divest from the fashion industry (a major environmental polluter & human rights violator) and play an important role in making fashion and style more sustainable.  

what you can expect at Coeva Vintage

We aim to be as sustainable as possible by:

- Offering quality, unique vintage and modern items.

- Shipping orders using recycled boxes. The packaging used to ship your order is either biodegradable, fully recycled, or both. If you would like a new box, please specify this in your notes at checkout.

- Every item is cleaned (but noted in the description if not) either by hand using a mixture of non toxic materials and methods; or by

- Dry cleaning.  We’ve gone green by using a local organic dry cleaner who uses natural chemicals. Our pieces do not have harsh chemicals or detergents applied.

Environmentally conscious fashion and sustainable style for all sizes, ages, and genders

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